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On Being A Dad


Her labor was long and painful
On this beautiful August day
The child she bore was beautiful
Thats what people all say

I wished I could help to ease her pain
But, there was nothing I could do
I was there for this blessed event
But, mister where were you?

Why was this girl abandoned by you?
For the entire nine month ordeal?
You ignored her throughout her pregnancy
And thought you were such a big wheel

No nourshing food or clothing for her
As her body began to swell
This child within she worried about
Will it be sickly or well?

She wasn't able to fend for herself
So far from her own hometown
She depended on you to help her
And Mister, You let her down.

Now she is bursting with happiness
Her hopes are not dashed to the ground
She loves her beautiful daughter
And they thrive with you not around

The baby she goos and gurgles
And holds out her arms for her dad
He lifts her up so tenderly
And I think he's a wonderful Dad

For he filled the shoes that you could not
No armor or white horse had he
But he stepped in and took up your burdon
He's the man that you couldn't be

Mother and baby are secure in the love
Of this man who works so hard
To provide all the things they need in this world
And I know he will get his reward

For as time passes by and darkness falls
Time will one day make him old
The daughter will blossom to womanhood
And reach out for HIS hand to hold

(c) 1997 By Jenny Martin