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I heard you were getting married today
I hope it's happy you'll be.
I was quite upset to hear it
As I wished it were to me

I suppose you finally found a girl
That you love more than me
If only you had warned me
I'm hurt, as you can see

Didn't you know that I loved you?
Couldn't you see how I cared?
You know I took care of your every need
And my feelings could have been spared

You could have told me in person
Talked to me face to face
I had to be told by strangers
And I feel thats a real disgrace

How could you be so heartless
And toss all our love aside
I feel I've been tossed in the ocean
And my hearts going out with the tide

I'll never let love in again
To feast upon my heart
I'll never trust a man again
To tear my heart apart

Yes, I've burned all your letters
And thrown all your flowers away
You've placed a dagger in my heart
And in my heart it will stay

(c) 1998 Jenny Martin

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