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Email Friends


When I first found myself with access to the internet in November of 1997 I loved it. At first I spent a lot of time surfing and seeing all there was for me to see. I used to play some online games and try and answer the riddles and trivia.

At that time the internet was a real help to me as I had taken a fall down a flight of stairs here at home and broken my ankle in two places and my wrist as well. I wasn't able to work or even walk. This is when I bought my webtv. It was so nice to have something to occupy my time.

One day in my surfing I happened across a penpal list for email friends. I decided to write to a few and see what happened. I thought it would be nice to have friends in different parts of the country and other countries to correspond with. I have been blessed with wonderful email friends and I am so glad I took the first step and wrote to them. I would like now to say hello to all of them and introduce you to them.

My first email friend is an eightyfive year old man from the state of New York. His name is Ben and he has written me so many letters telling me of his life during the great depresson. He managed to travel all over this country during this time in search of work. He was only seventeen at the time. He has given me permisson to publish some of his letters and a few pictures I have of him and share his life with others.This is a project I am looking forward to doing. I am now corresponding with his daughter in California.Her name is Jean and I would like to say hello to her now.

Next are Jack and Lorretta Sommers from Missouri.We had a regular daily email sesson all winter long. I became very close to this family and look on them as very good friends. I know I can talk over any problem with them and they are there for me. I have just recently met Jack's sister through him and am writing to her as well. Hello Lulu. I can't leave you out here.

Another friend of mine is David. He lives in Tacoma Washington and is waiting for his wife to join him in this country. The visa has been taking so long and I am waiting any day now for the good news. He is a retired law enforcement officer and loves to read as I do.

I have an email friend from Ohio and her name is Susan. Her interests are photography and history and some of my interests are there as well.She has a very nice website but I forgot to ask permisson to add it to this. We will wait until she sees this and maybe?

Roger and Janet in Michigan. Janet has had some serious health problems so I keep her in my prayers. Now Roger is recovering from surgery on his shoulder and his therapy is very painful. I do hope you are feeling better soon, Roger. We just found out that Roger and I both have Ben for a penpal and Roger enjoys the storys of his life as much as I do.

Then I have Yvonne. She lives in Australia. She is a widow and we have that in common. We talk a lot about current events and compare the different views our countries have on things. Seems funny for her to be talking about their winter now as we are having summer. When I was freezing here in the midwest she was complaining about her grass burning up from the heat.

I write to Andji in Germany. She uses her computer at her work. They let her use it on her own time and she often stays after work and writes her email friends.I am learning more and more about German customes everyday. She wrote Valentines Day and asked if she should send cards to email friends. She was confused as this is only a husband and wife or lovers day there.

Yolonde lives in Trinidad and the customs there are very different than here. I love to hear from her. It is fun to talk of the differences in our way of life. She is a nice person.

Last but not least is Jack. He is from Iowa and has taken his mother into his home and cares for her. He is retired and has some health problems of his own but always has time for a cherry hello when it seems I need it the most. He is an Irishman and we talk of our upbringing in the ways of the Irish. You would have to be of Irish decent to even begin to understand our ways.

To all of these email friends I can only say thank you for your friendship. You will never know what it means to me. You are indeed some of my special friends.

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