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Welcome to my world. It is a comfortable world and I love it. I am dedicating this website to my two late husbands, Jay and Bill. I also want to use this site to tell all of my friends both old and new how dear they are to me.I can't leave out my email friends who bring laughter into my life with the funny stories we manage to convey back and forth.

I hope to use this website to call attention to special causes that are important to me and to introduce you to my family and friends as they are indeed "My World".

I am by nature a collector. I collect all sorts of things. My favorites are bells, music boxes, spoons, plates and many other things.
I love to read. My favorite reading materials are biographies and I love to read the true crime books by Ann Rule.I don't watch much tv but I love to listen to talk programs on the radio, My favorite being The Art Bell Show. He has a fantastic website, If you have a few minutes try and get a look at it. Just click on his name to go there.

I love having access to the internet. I find it very interesting. I also like the online games. I spend some of my time visiting the various websites.
Another hobby of mine is writing poetry. I find this to be relaxing and keeps my mind active. Crossword puzzles are another thing I like to do.

I belong to the Order of the Eastern Star and am a member of St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church. I also belong to the Channel Tamers C.B. Club. I am semi-retired and work in the Health Care Field.

Now about my children and grandchildren.I am mother to seven. Three are biological and four are stepchildren. In this family we make no difference. They are all brothers and sisters. My oldest son I inherited with my second marriage. His name is Larry and his wife's name is Norma. They have three daughters, Michelle, Cindie and Maggie. Along with Larry came my next son Doug. He is single and looking. Next is my daughter Patricia and her husband Tom. They have six children, Chris,Tom, Danielle, Jason, Lindy and Timmy. Next is my daughter Jaime and her husband Albert and they have two sons, Richie and Aaron. My daughter Denise is next and she and her husband Lee have five children, Jodi, Virginia, Bobbie Dee, Brandon and Sam. Then my son Lee Jay and his wife Linda, Lee has two daughters Jennifer and Kathy. Last in line is my son Bobby and his wife Lori. They have no children yet.

It is hard to put all the children and parents and grandchildren in order so to simplify things I am just listing my great grandchildren in the order of birth. They range in age from twelve to seven months. Chris, Kenny, Kayla, Von, Rachel,Shamus, Hannah, Jeren, Kylie, and the youngest, Lance.


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This angel I have named for my great grandaughter Kayla Diane

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