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There have been some funny and embarrassing moments while posting. I have asked some of the ladies to help me relate some of them to you. I will enter more as they happen. So you better watch out girls, as there will be a blooper list now.

This one comes from Jandon. She posted a response to the question "What do you do when you get sick"? Her response was "I go to bed and take care of myself".

The next concernes Karen. One day she thought she was emailing her address and phone number to one of the ladies. She posted it instead. She and some of the other ladies spent half the night posting to move it to the back page so it would go into cyber space. Someone came along for meaness and posted a response to it and brought it right back to the front.

Bonnie is our hostess and during an email sesson she and Jandon were talking about a herb to prevent memory loss. Jandon mentioned that she took it everyday. Bonnie said she had bought some and had it in her cabinet for six months and kept forgeting to take it. This was just this week.She looked at the container and it had expired in 1996.

We had a thread going one day concerning sanitary napkins and one of the ladies posted and said she had posted something disgusting to the thread and hit send and her response never came up. She said it was probably floating around out there somewhere and Lord only knew where it would land. She said it would be our fault for having the thread in the first place.

One of the widows of the group told me she has a problem with the word and several times has just about posted "I am a window". This is Tera.

I started a thread about reading and looking at the ending of a book. For the subject I wrote Do you peek.When it would come up on the server it said "Do you pee"

Another funny blooper was when we had two back-to-back threads started by two different people and when they came up together it seemed to be a question and answer. The first one was "Who Can Join Grannies?" followed by "Street People" Just proves you never know what your neighbor is posting when you are posting!

Another time Jenny and Trudy were e-mailing about how they might have gained a pound or ten over the winter, when Jenny remarked that she might have to get new cloths for the summer! Picture that! Jenny's new summer attire....loosely stitched wash cloths. What a mental picture that created!

This one happened on Easter Sunday. Jenny was talking via email to Simplysue and asked for her birthday to put on the website. Sue sent her birthdate and it said Sept 39. Jen wrote her back and said "now you don't want me to put Sept 39 on the website for your birthay and I also need to know what state you are in." Sue responded with her correct birthdate which is Sept 30 an then said she was just checking to see if Jenny was alert. Then she added "haha look at my weather banner and you will see where I live". A little embarassing for both of them. haha

Jandon posted the topic "Did You Have" and before she could finish the question she hit the send key. A lot of us responded anyway. Some of the answers were...Maybe I did.....If I did I'm not telling.....I'm sure I did.....You betcha I did and do....Sure I have at one time or another...I might have.....Possibly and possible not.....last but not least was...Yes, but I dont know where I put it. In light of this conversation I would say we were pretty desperate for new topics.

We had a thread that was about what our favorite things to smell were. Everyone had different things, flowers,freshly cut grass,coffee,ect. Then it came to Janice and she answered "I like the smell of roes and apple pie baking". I am sure she meant roses.....Tera picked up on it right away and said "roes? fish eggs? hahaha".

A lot of funny things happen during email conversations. I am typing with her permisson three I received from SpiceyJo.

I had posted a response stating that I loved to make home made candy. Next thing I know I get an email from Spiceyjo. Hi Jenny! How ya doing? Fine,I hope! I know where to go get the candy, huh? Lol! Just got On here & might get through the Posts by tomorrow! Haa!Haa! Ya'll been busy, I see. I went to a Heavy Metal Concert on Thursday night & had a ball. It wasn't planned. My Son"s Friends were supposed to go,but backed out at the last minute & he had no way to go, but me. I survived,but it was interesting, to say the least! Mary Jane :-)

I thought it was funny that she was the only transportation available for her son to go to the concert. I asked her if I could put that email on the blooper. Following is her response.

You sure can! I can't believe I even went & you should have seen my Son"s Surprise when the concert was over & there stood his Mom, cane & all! LOL!!! I listen to Heavy Metal a lot, because Shawn introduced me to it. Just call me Metal Mamma!!! Mary Jane Soulfly Rules!!

By this time I am laughing so hard at the thought of this lady with her cane at the Heavy Metal Concert and my email light is blinking and I get this one. So funny.

I forgot to tell ya, while waiting on my son to get through with the band, I got hit on & just about died laughing, but it was flattering!! LOL! Think I'll go on a Roadtrip and follow the band? Haa Haa!! Mary Jane.

I have to tell this one on myself. Juanta say's I have to.
I was emailing with my daughter Patticake. She lives only six blocks from me. She mentioned she was going to run to the store for something. I sent her an email and asked her if she would get me some cigarettes and bring them by my house for me. She didnt answer my question. She just complained I wasn't answering her email. I got a little huffy with her and said that she had been paying no attention to what I had been telling her at all and that I had asked her twice to get my cigarettes for me.

All the time this was going on Juanita was emailing me different sites. The next thing I know here is an email from Juanita.
It said "Well I think I live a little far to be brnging you cigarettes but if you are getting that upset about it, I will see what I can do". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Scroll down.
I scrolled down and there were the emails I had sent to her instead of my daughter.
I needed some depends at that point.
There now Juanita. I have told it on myself. Was so embarrassing too. And funny. hahahahaha

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