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About This Group

How this group got it's start

Welcome to the website of alt.discuss mygrandchild.

This present group of ladies started posting here on July 23,l997. This newsgroup had originally been formed by a lady with the nick of Hoofarted.

On July 23, 1997 there were eight posts and on the twenty fourth there were sixteen.
By the end of March 1998 this group ranked second in the top twenty five newsgroups with 26,481 total posts. Starting in April 1998 the group had forty regular posters.

This group discusses a lot of things besides grandchildren. They have discussions about the weather in different parts of the country. They exchange recipes with one another. They keep up with current events and they talk about the past as well.

They also cheerfully offer their "Grannie Prayers" to anyone in need of them.

A lot of these ladies were the teeny boppers with the ponytails of the 50's.

Believe me when I say these ladies are not your average Grannies. They are not tied to the stove baking breads and cookies and they dont spend their time sitting in rockingchairs knitting.

These are the cyber grannies of the nintys and they are busy with their keyboards and their webtv.
They are there for each other in times of sadness and joy. They lend advice and a listening ear. They have formed a close bond on the internet.

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