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So Many New Friends

I have made many new friends on the internet both through email and chat rooms and my discussion group.I have previously mentioned my email friends and now I want to mention a special friend by the name of Trudy.

I met her in a chat room and we were both new to webtv at the time. The man giving the class had the nick of Dr. Evel. Trudy and I were the only two in the room at the time and we were both fascinated at the things he was teaching us.Learning the different codes to send private messages,how to change the color of our text,ect.

Trudy was using the nick of GertieJo at the time and I was Marnie.

After that evening we lost touch with each other and somehow met again with each of us using different nicks. She was now Rudybear and I was Jenny.She was still in the chat rooms and I had started posting in a few newsgroups. I invited her to join me as we were emailing each other back and forth by this time She hesitated and I finally just about begged her to join my groups and she did.

She lives in Pennsylvania and I live in Illinois, and it is doubtful we will ever meet in person, but I can honestly say she is a good friend. When we joke around I still refer to her as GertieJo and she calls me Marnie. It is doubtful that anyone else knows what we are talking about.In the posts or mass email this joke can get funny as someone will say who are those two. Gertie and Marnie.

So GertieJo here is a big hello to you from your friend Marnie. Keep them post a goin.


I would now like to say a big hello to all of my email friends. You have all made my life on the internet so much fun.I love getting your emails and conversing with all of you.

Some of you are almost like family to me.

First I would like to say Hi to George in New York. Your emails are so interesting for me to read. You have told me so much of your life during the 'Great Depression" and living in the Big Apple. I really think you should write a book and it would be a best seller.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

I want to say hello too, to Jack and Loretta Somers from way down in Missouri. They were my first email friends and we have had so many good times in emailing back and forth during the long and dreary winter.

Golly folks, we finally have Spring in our part of the country. Don't get too busy out side and quit emailing me. I promise to pick up on mine when I get the majority of work done on this.

Hello to Yvonne in Australia. Do you think we settled the trouble in Bosnia thru our email? We sure tried. Now you are going into fall and we here are having spring.

David from Washington. I am still waiting for the good news on the arrival of your wife to this country. Wish you both a long and happy life together.

Hello to Jack, the Irishman from Iowa. Hope everything is ok with you. Now you know why I havent been writing as regularly as usual.

Roger and Janet from Michigan. Hello to you too.
So glad the operation on your shoulder went well and you are back on the old keyboard again.

Bill, thank you for helping me over the rough parts and showing me just what can be done with webtv. I hope I can learn just half of the html that you can do.

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