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Thank You

Special People

These are the people I wish to thank for helping me with my website. I have looked on them as my angels for without them there would be no website for me.

When I was new to the internet I looked in on a newsgroup one day and saw to my surprise that all of the posts the people had written had pictures and music on them. I thought they were so pretty. I gathered my courage and posted a message myself and asked how this was done.

It wasn't ten minutes before I had an email from one of the ladies in the group and she sent me the url for Draccs school of html. She offered to help me with any problems I may have.

Her nick is Pogydoo and her name is Carolyn and she lives in South Carolina and I have never forgotten this nice gesture of hers. We are still friends.

I wish to thank my son Bob who managed to figure out how to get the html on my email. He was into computers and this webtv and signature box was something new to him.

Then when I decided to do a website he was always there for me. Many a night I have called him after he had gone to bed when I just couldn't get something to work.

I would have the instructions right in front of me but I would tell him to do it just once for me and then I could write it in my own words and do it again.

I am so glad I don't have to pay him a dime for all the trips he made to my desk to help me out. I would be broke.

Bob your old Mom wants to thank you right here and now from the bottom of my heart for all of your patience with me.

My daughter-in-law, Lori deserves a round of applause and a big thank you from me as well. She was just learning herself and would pass what she already knew my way. She and I spent many a time pulling our hair when neither of us could get something right and she would phone my son at work. She had to forego our evening dice or card games while I was laboring away on this site. She never complained. Just fixed another pot of coffee and helped me all she could.

My grandson, Jason. He was a big help. Before we had the transload service available to us he had the job of loading all the prettys I was finding into my directory. He was the one always telling me I needed my own website. I couldn't figure out why but now I love having and working on it. So Jason, thanks for giving me the push to do one and for all the help you have given me.

Then there is my friend Bill. He has a beautiful website. I wrote him when I started and told him what I was doing. I had no idea how to do a page with a border and thought they were so pretty. He moved my entire website for me to a site where transloading could be done and put up my first border page for me. Now I can look at his html and do others.Many thanks, Bill.

Last but not least I must mention a man I met through the alt.discuss.homepage newsgroup. I post there when I can. I mostly read the posts as I don't know that much html yet. I asked a question one day and received an email from this man. His nick is Kodekracker. He sent me the reference tables and told me how to put it on one fav key and the transloading service on another.After this I was on my way. You should see all the things in my directory now. I still dont really know this man but a big thank you to him.

I hope I have given all the credit where credit is due. Thanks everyone!!!!!

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