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In Memory Of A Dear Friend

On April thirteenth we lost a dear friend and member of the posting group of alt.discuss.mygrandchild. Her name was Barbara Jean Pemberton. She lived in Richmond, Virginia. Her email name was Duffy110 and we called her Jean. She was a great lady and a very important part of the group and we are all in a state of grief at her passing. We knew she had health problems but she never complained. She joined in the postings and emailed her friends until the last day of her life. She loved the group and we returned her love.

In this tribute to Jean I am asking all of the ladies to join me in adding the things they remember best about Jean. Thoughts from her friends. I think she would have liked this.

Tiger...A few months ago I sent her a picture of my new grandson. She wrote back that she wanted to kiss him all over and she longed to hold a baby again. She was so sincere and wistful, it touched my heart. She was a lovely lady.

Trudy...Jean was a truly classy lady. She gave so much to all of us from her heart. Comfort, kindness, and a swift kick in the butt when we needed it! It has been a privelige to know her. I will miss her forever.

Jandon...Jean was one of a kind, a wonderful cyber-friend. She touched my life as much as any "real life" friend ever has and I'm going to miss her so much but I'm thankful for the time I got to have with her in Grannies.

TERA...I loved to read her posts. They always made me laugh. I loved her "finger" picture. She was one of a kind and I will miss her.

KAREN...Dear Jean, I will miss your sense of humor. I will miss the way you always said exactly what I was thinking and then beat me to it in posting. I hope no one pisses on your cornflakes wherever you are and that there is no lint on your candy and that you have undies that fit. Gone but not forgotten. ~LUVYA~ Karen.

REBEL...Jean was a special person. One who told it like it was. I have one regret, I never had the opportunity to meet her in person or speak with her on the phone. She is now in a place where there are no problems,no sickness,everyone is friends and she will be waiting for us to come and be with her some day. Thanks Jean, for being my friend. You will always be in my heart..Rebel(Shirley)

Bondie...I didn't know Jean very long but I certainly enjoyed her wit and always read her posts. The first time I saw the old grannie with te finger I wrote and told her I was jealous and wished I had thought of that first. She did answer me and said I could copy the picture any time I wanted. She was so kind to a newbie like me. My sincerest condolencesto the family...Frances.

LINDA...Being new to Grannies I didn't get the chance to know Jean. I sincerely would have liked to because I have heard how much all the "Grannies" and friends respected Jean and how she will be missed.

THUMPER111...The first time I met Jean she sent me that "finger" of hers and with it came lots of laughs and jokes. Jean was wonderful person. She was always there to chat when I needed her and to make me laugh. I miss her everyday.....Shirley

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