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On Being A Mother

They drop off their kids and their laundry. For only an hour or so. After ten ours pass and they get them. I'm so grateful to see them go.

I've work to do in the house today. I ask them to lend a hand. They tell me maybe tomorrow. They simply don't understand.

That I budget my time and my money. My pleasures in life are few. I've a plan for my life that I follow. And their style of life just wont do.

For I never put off til tomorrow. What I can do today. If I can get these chores all done. Then I plan to go away.

Not to some exotic place. To sit by a bubbling brook. I'd just like to have the day to myself. And lose my self in a book.

For books, they add such excitement. To a life as dull as mine. The travel, and romance and murder. Relax me and thats a good sign.

It means that my mind is still active. No danger of drifting away. But if my children dont leave me alone. It's in a book I'll stay.

I'll pretend that I am the subject. The bitch who gets her way. In the latest book authored by Collins. On the top list by Doubleday.

I'll no longer be there to listen. To trouble and tales of woe. I'll make my demands as their "Mother" .And out the door they will go.

I'll ring their phones at three am. And complain that I can't sleep. I'll insist they talk for an hour or so. And I'll rant and I'll rave and I'll weep.

I'll give them a guilt trip they can't escape. I'll tell them their childhood sins. I'll demand that they take care of "Mother". And then we will see who wins.

I'm sure they will have a meeting. To see who can cope with the bitch. I'll mooch and I'll spend all their money. Their children will think I'm a witch.

They'll shake at the thought of my coming. When it's their turn to do a week. With the "Mother from hell with her hand out". Then....they will wish they had let me sleep.

(c)1998 Jenny Martin

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